Travel to Buenos Aires in Argentina

Explore Argentina's Capital City of Buenos Aires

The capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is an interesting and diverse city. Perhaps the one of the most interesting things to see here is its architecture. Spanish, French and Italian influence can be seen in the choice of building style and the building and landscaping of parks in the city. Most of the avenues are wide and there are impressive and large green expanses which give the city a somewhat less clustered feel. There are also quite a few mansions, sculptures and churches which make for some intriguing sightseeing. Most of these are mixed up between houses, skyscrapers and office buildings making the somewhat cosmopolitan nature of the city evident even in the buildings.

There are so many things to do in Buenos Aires. Culturally, the city is known for its involvement in the tango and for being the center of the country's love of football (soccer). Whether you are interested in the country's history, social scene, nightlife or local culture, you will be able to satisfy your curiosity in this fine city. You can walk or cycle to most parts of the city or hire a car. Public transport facilities include buses and subways.

Another thing Buenos Aires is known for is its entertaining coffee shops. Café Tortoni is perhaps one of the oldest and most famous coffee houses in the city. It was built in 1858 and has been hosting tango and jazz bands since its inception. Some very famous South American's have frequented the café over the years and it is still very popular.

If you like shopping, you might try Florida Street and Santa Fe Avenue. Florida street is considered to be an important commercial area where you will find numerous venders selling their wares. You will find anything from leather clothing to record stores here as well as a number of restaurants and cafés where you can stop for a lunchtime snack. There are also sometimes entertainers who delight tourists with their tango. The Galerias Pacifico is one of the country's most elegant shopping centers and well worth seeing. Santa Fe Avenue is has a decidedly more modern feel than Florida Street with the focus being more on boutiques and galleries. Afterwards you can catch a movie at Lavalle Street.

There is so much more to see. The Plaza San Martin is not only historically important but is beautifully landscaped and designed. It boasts some interesting sculptures and a war memorial. The Plaza Lavalle is also very beautiful and boasts fountains, sculptures and a well landscaped garden. The Botanical Garden has boasts around 7 000 species of flora and houses a museum, library, green house and gardening school. The Basilica Nuestra Señora del Pilar is on of Buenos Aires' oldest churches and was built by the Jesuit monks. The Colón Theater is a great place to go for a night of entertainment. Besides being architecturally brilliant, the building houses classical performances of all kinds. So whether you want to stroll in the plazas, go shopping, enjoy a night of entertainment or simply relax in a coffee shop, you can be sure that Buenos Aires has something for you.


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