Travel to Cordoba in Argentina

Discover the City of Cordoba, Argentina

Cordoba is also known as the 'Heartland of Argentina'. It is called this because it is geographically situated in the center of the country. This pretty city also has a rich cultural heritage and strong farming community who like to think of their town as being the heart of the country. The city itself has a strong colonial history which has become somewhat blended over the years with modern economic growth.

Situated in a very productive agricultural area, Cordoba is a very attractive place. The Primero River runs through the city and the surrounding valleys and hills are very scenic and provide a breathtaking backdrop. There plenty of rivers and lakes which only add to this natural charm. Cordoba can be reached by air and can be navigated by bus, taxi or on foot.

It is interesting to note that Cordoba was founded before Buenos Aires and was at one stage the country's capital. Today it is considered to be Argentina's second most important city. Recent years have seen considerable commercial growth in the city - largely due to the automobile industry which is very active here. Cordoba has also seen an increase in tourism and when you visit you will find it easy to understand why. Walking the streets and taking in the odd mixture of colonial and modern buildings is just one of Cordoba's appeals. The fact that it is situated near to the Andes and Pampas mountain ranges and all their fantastic natural wonders is an added bonus. The proximity to these graceful mountains also means that the city is a great way to gain access to many of the country's extreme sports and other outdoors activities.

The seasons may vary in this generally warm area. Most people feel that it is best enjoyed in autumn, depending on what you plan to do there of course. Winter is cold and there will be snow on the mountains for those hoping to ski. Spring is humid and summer is somewhat rainy, so be sure that the weather will be amiable for whatever activities you hope to pursue when visiting Cordoba.


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