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Try the Culinary Delights of Argentina Cuisine

Argentinean Cuisine is a little different to the cuisine of the rest of Latin America because of its great influences of Italian and Spanish cuisine. The typical Argentine diet is what is often called the Mediterranean diet.

One factor that determines the main ingredients in their cooking and traditional dishes are the fact that they are one of the worlds greatest produces of agricultural products such as, wheat, maize, meat (especially beef), milk and soybeans. The large production of red meat makes it a common part of the Argentine diet as well as the large production in wheat made white bread the most commonly found ingredient on the table.

Some typical Argentinean foods include parrillada (grilled meats on the open fire or barbeque, especially beef, steak, lamb or goat), milanesas (grilled or braided meat, usually eaten with mashed potatoes or sandwiches, a common ingredient in a Argentinean picnic), Tomatoes, onions, lettuce, eggplants, squashes and zucchini are common side dishes.

May Italian dishes such as pasta al dente and pizzas are consumed in this country. It is said that Buenos Aires has more pizzarias than Rome. Gelato, a Italian-style ice cream is made in huge parlours, with even drive-thru places offering hundreds of flavors to satisfy this national obsession. The sweet paste, Dulce de leche is another national obsession, used to fill cakes and pancakes, spread over toasted bread for breakfast or as an ice cream flavour.

Esperidina is a very popular drink, loved by Argentineans, it is a type of liqueur (distilled, flavoured alcoholic beverage) made from orange peels invented in Argentina around 1890.

The esperidina is a type of liqueur (a distilled, flavored alcoholic beverage) made from orange peels invented in Argentina around 1890. The consumption of coffee is alos very common and with the influences of the English tea has also become very popular.


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