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Discover the Fascinating Culture of Argentina

Argentinean culture has been primarily influenced by its European roots. Many young people have been educated in Europe and have brought elements of that culture back with them. Buenos Aires is generally considered to be the most European of all Argentinean cities - mainly due to the purposeful following of European trends. However the culture of this country has also been influenced by Native Americans, Africans, Italians and Spaniards. The most notable fields in which Argentinean culture is evident is that of literature, music, cinema and sports. It also spills across into their art, architecture, food and lifestyle.

Perhaps the most outstanding field is that of literature. Argentina has produced several famous authors, such as Jorge Borges, Adolfo Casares and Julio Cortázar. Borges is considered to be one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. Also worth mentioning is the sweet cartoon of Mafalda by Joaquín Lavado. The cartoon portraying the world through the eyes of a little girl has become an Argentinean icon. When it comes to sports, soccer is by far the most popular activity. Sports stars like the locally exported Diego Maradona have kept locals glued to TV screens for years. Diego is arguably the most famous Argentinean since Che Guevara.

Argentina has also contributed to the world wide music scene by way of the tango. While the dance form practised in ballrooms to a particular style of music origninated in the country, the version of this same music is enjoyed with a bit more variety in local cities. There are a number of popular folk dances and musical styles which are enjoyed in the more provincial areas of Argentian. The composer Charly Garcia has also left his impression on the muscial industry. Rock and Roll is another popular music genre you can expect to find at the more mature dancing spots, while pop music, techno and virtually every other music type enjoyed by youths today can be heard eminating from nightclubs in the big cities.

Many locals practise a form of Roman Catholicism as it is the official state religion. However, many popular beliefs have been encorporated into their worship and some might be shocked to find devotees of this faith practising spiritualism, venerating the dead and making pilgrimages to the graves of famous dead people. There are many other religions being practised in the country. Spanish is the official language but Italian is also understood by many. There are 17 native languages which continue to be spoken in various parts of the country. Most of the country's dishes are made around various forms of meat and also include a few foods particular to foreign shores. Of special mention is Argentine ice cream (helado) which, besides being delicous, shows the strong influence that italians have had on the country. Paraguayan tea is also popular with locals.


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