Travel to Iguazu Natational Park in Argentina

Visit the Beautiful Iguazu National Park

Situated in Misiones province, Iguazú National Park is one of Argentina's main tourist attractions, drawing people from around the world. So impressive is the region that it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its extreme beauty and because it is home to rare and endangered species.

Established in 1934, Iguazú National Park is best known for the magnificent Iguazú Falls. Whilst the largest section of the falls is in Argentina, a certain section falls within Brazil's Iguaçu National Park. Alvar de Vaca was the first to come across the stunning falls in 1541 naming it Santa Maria Falls. Iguazú Falls are actually formed by 270 cascades and falls creating a 3km long crescent at a height of 80m. Iguazú River flows from the falls into the Paraná River which winds its way through the national park.

Animal in the life in Iguazú National Park includes endangered species such as the tapir, anteater, jaguar, jungle eagle, ocelot, pavas de monte and more. Other residents of the park are colorful toucans and butterflies as well as the fascinating coati.

Iguazú National Park climate (like a greenhouse) along with red soil has contributed to the verdant vegetation. Within the subtropical rainforest there are some 200 vascular plant species. Trees grow as high as 40m. Over 400 species of birds take advantage of Iguazú National Park's lush greenery.

The region in which the Iguazú National Park is located was originally inhabited by the Guaraní, an agricultural tribe in 1000. During the 1500s Spanish and then Portuguese conquistadores took over the area. From 1609 Jesuit missions were formed here.

Iguazú National Park's visitor center provides information on the heritage and culture of the area. Discover the Forest's stratum, man's association with the forest and past residents in the region.

Iguazú National Park is well deserving of its reputation, why not find out for yourself.


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