Travel to Iguazu in Argentina

Enjoy the Wonderful City of Iguazu

A place of mystery and legend, beauty and history, Iguazú has quite a bit to offer the intrepid traveler. While not much is often published on this intriguing little part of Argentina, the few random pictures from this region that you stumble across here and there virtually transport you into another world. A world where time is ageless and nature abounds. A place where ruins stand proudly and animals live amongst this interesting heritage.

Perhaps the largest attraction in this beautiful part of Argentina is its incredible natural richness. Covered with subtropical jungles, glistening brooks and thundering waterfalls, the region will take your breath away. The name Iguazú is reminiscent of the Jesuitic Missionaries who once settled in this untamed environment. While the missionaries have long since passed from this place, the ruins of settlement are the only silent witness to their efforts to bring cultural and economic development to the jungle. The Jesuitic Ruins, with their carefully constructed but slowly disintegrating brown stone walls, are one of the regions top tourist attractions.

Another incredibly popular tourist attraction is that of the Iguazú Waterfalls. The waterfalls arc over a large area and plunge down the side of a high cliff. Their thundering catchment area delivers a fine mist which often displays a delightful rainbow. The Iguazú Waterfalls are truly a wonder to behold. Besides these two attractions there is a variety of animal and plant species for eco-tourism lovers to appreciate. Visitors to the region can enjoy trekking, fishing, horseback riding, over-landing, yachting, cultural tours, cruises and rafting, amongst other things. Book your plane ticket for Iguazú now to make sure you get to see one of the most beautiful spots in the country!


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