Travel to Mar del Plata in Argentina

Visit the Breathtaking Beaches of Mar del Plata

If you're looking for great beaches, a wide variety of entertaining activities, brilliant fishing opportunities, a lively nightlife and friendly people, look no further than Mar del Plata, Argentina. The beach resort, which is situated roughly 400 km away from Buenos Aires, is the best the country has to offer. It enjoys a well-developed tourist-oriented economy and 17 kilometers of absolutely breathtaking beach.

While booking a hotel at Mar del Plata may be quite simple, you might find trying to figure out how to get there somewhat more difficult. You might try taking the 30 minutes cheap flight to Mar del Plata from Buenos Aires, or you can rent a car and take the scenic route at your own pace. Another option is that of taking the train which takes about five hours to reach Mar del Plata from Buenos Aires. You can visit Mar del Plata at any time of the year as, even though the resorts numbers swell during the holiday season, the town is well developed enough to make it entertaining in the winter months too. Remember to pack something for rainy weather - regardless of what time of year you are visiting.

On your arrival you will likely be greeted by the beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and lovely long beaches - Mar del Plata's main attraction. However if the sky isn't as clear and warm as you'd like, there are plenty of other things to do. Sport's fishing and other sporting activities are readily available. There are a large number of parks and gardens to aid in relaxation and a zoo to keep the children entertained. After the sun sets there is a casino and a very entertaining nightlife to be enjoyed but be warned - most of the pubs and clubs in Mar del Plata only open after midnight!

You might also try visit during January for the Fiesta Nacional del Mar and the Fiesta Nacional de los Pescadores. If you are able to head to the beach, there are nine great beaches to choose from where you can surf, swim, walk or sunbathe. You can also organize to go horseback riding or take a boat cruise. The culturally-inclined will enjoy the Colón Theater and the many interesting museums which can be found here.


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