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Discover the Natural Wonders of Neuquen

Neuquén is beautifully situated where the Neuquén and Limay Rivers meet to form the Negro River. The land around the rivers is fertile giving rise to extensive agricultural growth especially of fruit.

Neuquén Province was originally inhabited by the Tehuelche and Mapuche tribes. However, the tribes were ousted after the Conquest of the Desert by Patagonia. Neuquén was officially established on 12 September 1904. The name of the city comes from the aborigine word "Nehueken" which translates to "drafty". Neuquén received a boost during the 1960s when petrol reservoirs were created in the province. From the 1970s on the city grew quickly and its infrastructure was vastly improved. Large hydroelectric dikes also contributed to the rapid growth of the city.

There are many interesting attractions in and around Neuquén. The Museo Histórico Municipal Doctor Gregoria Alvarez is located within Ferrocarril Sud a building dating back to 1901. Here you can discover fascinating information ad artifacts relating to the regions history, folklore, archaeology and paleontology. "Paraje Confluencia" City Museum is made up of three houses originally used by personnel from the old railway. Small rooms in the museum house will take you back in time to the life of early settlers.

In February 2000, researchers began excavations in Lago Barreales to uncover dinosaur fossils. The Dinosaur Megaexcavation has brought to light about 300 vertebrate fossils and 100 remains of vegetation. The discoveries here have had a large impact on the paleontological world.

Along the banks of the Neuquén and Limay rivers there are numberous recreation centers and sports clubs providing visitors with nonstop entertainment. Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes. With fine restaurants, boutiqes, tow casinos, theatres and clubs, the options are endless.

From Bed and Breakfasts to hotels, Neuquén has a variety of great lodging options. Neuquén’s hotels come highly recommended and complete your holiday experience. Consider car hire in Neuquén as there are many interesting day trips in the surrounding areas. Find out about car hire in Neuquén online. Many flights to Neuquén’s Presidente Perón airport are offered online. Shop around to find the best deal on a flight to Neuquén.

Neuquén is a great holiday destination with a fantastic tourist infrastructure, plenty of exciting activities and natural beauty.


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