Travel to Puerto Iguazu in Argentina

Discover the Absolute Beauty of Puerto Iguazu

Puerto Iguazú City in is situated beside the borders of Paraguay and Brazil in the northeastern side of Argentina, the province of Misiones. Located where the Paraná River and Iguazú River converge, Puerto Iguazú is a city surrounded by absolute beauty. Iguazú is a Guarani word which translates to "great water".

Puerto Iguazú is positioned on a red rocky plateau with rich soils resulting in lush forest growth. The subtropical climate with mild winters makes Puerto Iguazú an ideal year-round destination.

Puerto Iguazú has a fantastic tourist infrastructure and world-class services. Puerto Iguazú's hotels are well priced and of good quality. Find out more about Puerto Iguazú's hotels through online reviews.

Puerto Iguazú is a popular destination due to its close proximity to the stunning Iguazú National Park and the Iguazú Falls, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. From Puerto Iguazú excursions can be made to Paraguay's Ciudad de Este and to Brazil's side of the falls. You can organize your visa in Puerto Iguazú. Puerto Iguazú is connected to Paraguay and Brazil by means of the Internation Bridge Tancredo Neves.

A great view of the surrounding panorama is seen from the watchtower in the Hito Argentino. Other attractions in the city are the National Sciences Museum, International Casino and Tres Fronteras Boundary Stone. Itaipu Dam is a grand engineering feat located not too far from the city.

You can arrive in Puerto Iguazú at the airport or by road. Car hire in Puerto Iguazú Airport is a good idea to get around to surrounding areas. Find out about car hire from Puerto Iguazú airport online.

Puerto Iguazú is truly a unique holiday destination perfectly catering for all your needs and abundant in natural magnificence.


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