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Discover the Vibrant Nightlife of Puerto Madryn

Argentina's Puerto Madryn is a stunning city and a gateway to the magnificent Valdés Peninsula. This fast growing city situated in Patagonia's Chubut is quickly becoming a well-known tourist destination. Puerto Madryn's outstanding beaches, wildlife tours and sporting opportunities attract vast numbers of tourists each year.

Puerto Madryn was first inhabited by Spanish explorers. Many years later Welsh colonists began to settle in the region. The first Welsh settlers arrived in July 1865 naming their settlement Porth Madryn after Baron Madryn from Wales. Eventually the Welsh settlers established new towns all this time holding onto their original culture, language and building style. Today, Puerto Madryn's Welsh heritage is seen only in the names of the streets.

Puerto Madryn's greatest attraction is the Valdés Peninsula. The Peninsula is attached to the mainland by the 35km wide Istmo Ameghino. In this wildlife sanctuary you can observe an abundance of marine animals and birds. Birds include rheas, egrets, flamingos, Magellanic penguins, petrels and others. Other species of wildlife are sea lions, sea elephants and Patagonian rabbits. A popular activity at the Valdés Peninsula is a boat tour where you can enjoy fine whale watching. The Southern Whale is best seen during breeding season from May through to December. At Punta Pardelas beach tourists can engage in water skiing, diving, snorkeling and fishing. Why not go for a walk or cycle along the peninsula.

A stroll through Argentina's Puerto Madryn will lead you to many interesting historical and other sites. Along the coastal Boulevard you will come across the remnants of Transporte Villarino, a ship which sank nearby in 1880. The beach at the end of the walkway offers much to do. Tan in the warm sun, try windsurfing or scuba-diving or simply immerse yourself in the clear waters. Located here are many of Puerto Madryn's hotels. There are also rental houses, perfect for your Puerto Madryn holiday. Upon the cliff you can observe a monument dedicated to the Tehuelche aborigines. This is also a great view point.

Puerto Madryn's Ecocenter is a museum offering insight into the wonders of the region's sea. In the Invertebrates Pool you can watch the colorful anemones and starfish. Educational and research programs are a function of the Ecocenter. You are certain to learn volumes here whilst having a good time. View displays of ancient flora and fauna at the Egidio Perugliao Paleontological Museum and the Provincial Oceonographic and Natural Sciences Museum.

From apartments to rental houses and hotels, Puerto Madryn will meet your accommodation needs. Puerto Madryn's hotels offer good service and a comfortable stay. You may want to consider car hire in Puerto Madryn to gain access to surrounding towns and villages. Find out more about car hire in Puerto Madryn online.

A holiday in attractive Puerto Madryn will be one to remember. From natural wonders to fun-filled activities, Puerto Madryn is a good all-round holiday destination.


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