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From its humble beginnings many years ago, Rosario has grown into a stunning and large city. In fact the city has grown so big that it now holds the title of 'third most populous city in Argentina' as well as 'largest city' in the Santa Fe province. This Argentinian city conducts a lot of business in the region and is continually growing at a steady rate.

Rosario is said to have begun life as a humble chapel where the image of Nuestra Señora del Rosario was venerated. The chapel's journey to a city began in 1665 when a royal donation and enabled the building of a small colony next to the Paraná river. This small settlement continued to grow at a stead rate until it was officially declared a city in 1852. Today the city boasts an impressive size, a lively population and a busy commercial and industrial center. It is considered to be a first grade port and sees a lot of trade with other parts of the country and Bolivia. Many tourists are impressed when seeing the trading dock and grain elevators at work.

Fortunately not everything in Rosario, Argentina, is about work. Residents of the city over the years have taken the time to ensure that their home has grown in all spheres - cultural, architectural and physical. As a result, Rosario is characterized by promenades, boulevards and parks. Two popular attractions are the Belgrano Park and the Parque Nacional de la Bandera (the Flag's National Park). Visitors also enjoy viewing the sometimes dynamic architecture, or learning more about the region in the city's fine museums. The Rosario hotels are excellent and shops and restaurants cater to all tastes. There is an active nightlife in the city and many enjoy the performances that are held regularly at the theater. There are also a number of great beaches nearby and a high delta which makes a magnificent view. Book a cheap flight to Rosario now to make sure that you don't miss out.


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