Transport in and around Argentina

Getting Around With Transport in Argentina

By Plane

The Ezeiza International Airport is Buenos Aires' international airport and serves many international and domestic airlines.

By Train

Argentina's metro (subte) covers a good portion of Buenos Aires with five metro lines, however the carts are very old, but nevertheless it offers a fast and comfortable service to go to and from main attractions in the city. Argentina's railroad system is not a very important mean of traveling between their cities, aside from being uncomfortable, trains make infrequent trips to few destinations. The most used and developed route is from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata, and to Bariloche, the rates are fairly cheap, but its is a good idea to but tickets at least 3 days in advance and 2 weeks in advance in the summer.

By Bus

The most popular mean of transport used in Argentina are colectivos or micro minibuses. There are different bus lines each with a different colour. The bus fare is paid directly to the driver so be prepared with the exact amount. There is a bus service in Buenos Aires called diferencial, their seats are comfortable and under guarantee and they follow more direct routes. Another bus service is available in Buenos Aires called "Common", they are cheaper than the diferencial service but they are more uncomfortable, and they do not have heating or air conditioners. The diferencial offers heating, minibar, toilet, on-board staff and an occasional snack is provided to passengers.

By Car

There are many car rental companies in Argentina. Renting a car offers the tourist flexibility, although car rental tends to be a little costly in Argentina. You are allowed to use a regular driver's license from your own country in Argentina, but a international driver's license is recommended. You have to be 18 years or older to drive in Argentina. The speed limit in the cities are 40kph and 60kph on the main roads. On highways the maximum speed is 120kph, while on the main roads the maximum reaches up to 80kph.

By Taxi

Taxi services are abundant in Argentinean cities, so it is very easy to find them. Taxi services are fairly cheap, considering that Argentina is a rather expensive country. It might be more economical to travel by taxi even if you are in a group. The rate is charged at the end of the route according to the time and distance traveled.

By Ferry

The ferry service is greatly developed between Argentina and Uruguay. Most ferry companies offer services to the cities of Colonia and Montevideo in Uruguay. Although this type of transportation is fairly expensive it is comfortable and speedy.


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