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Grand Palace

Victor Hugo once called the gold-trimmed Grand Palace 'the most beautiful square in the world'. During the flower display in August, it's particularly easy to see why. A flower market fills the place each morning, and at night the Town Hall is illuminated by 800 multi-coloured flood-lights set to classical music.

Belgian Comic Strip Centre

This museum, in the Comic Strip Capital of the World, pays homage to les bandles dessinees with hundreds of Belgian comics. The museum library, in a renovated Art Nouveau warehouse features a replica of Tintin's rocket ship and works by over 700 artists.

Musees Royaux d'Art

This gigantic museum showcases artifacts from a wide variety of eras - Roman torsos without heads, Syrian heads without torsos, and Egyptian caskets with feet. The eerily illuminated Salle au Tresor and the Greco-Roman collection are the museum's main attractions.

Mini Europe

Mini Europe is an open-air exhibit of European landmarks replicated at one-twenty-fifth of their actual size, may be a ideal solution for travelers that are pressed for time.

Leie Canal

The Leie Canal runs all the way through the center of the city Ghent, and wraps around the Gravensteen, a medieval fortress whose shadowy halls and spiral staircases will give you chills before you even reach the crypt, dungeon and the torture chamber.

Markt and Burg

Over the Markt looms the 88m medieval bell tower. During the day, climb its dizzying, 366 steps for a great view of the city, return at night when the tower serves as a torch for the city. Behind the Markt, the Burg is dominated by the massive yet finely detailed Gothic fa├žade of the Town Hall. Inside the building's attractions include paintings, wood carvings, and a glided hall where many residents of Bruges still get married.


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