Travel to Bastogne in Belgium

Discover the beautiful natural surroundings of Bastogne

Situated in the Ardennes in Luxembourg, Bastogne is both a municipality and a town. Bastogne boasts beautiful green surroundings and a war-heritage quite unlike any other. If you visit this small Belgian town, you will find that there's more to the peace and tranquility of this little village than meets the eye.

Bastogne is perhaps best known for the role it played during the Battle of Bastogne in World War II when the German armies surrounded the city trapping the American 101st Airborne Division and a few other military units. Called to surrender the Americans held out just long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Fierce fighting resulted and five months later the Germans had retreated from the region with the Allies in a strong position to advance into Germany. Thus the battle is seen as being somewhat critical to the success of the allies during the War. Unfortunately it also brought untold damage to the city and many of its greater architectural monuments were destroyed.

If you visit Bastogne today, you wont find guns and soldiers. You are much more likely to enjoy the smell of smoked ham and nuts - two items for which the town is famous and something definitely worth trying if you are able to. The people are warm and friendly and the surrounding trees and mountains are peaceful. Each year Bastogne serves as the midpoint of the Liège-Bastogne-Liège classic bicycle race. The race is one of the biggest events in the cycling calendar and draws hundreds of visitors to the tiny little town. There are numerous little attractions to see if you are planning a trip through the town so make sure that you enjoy as many as possible. Bastogne is a pretty little delight just waiting to be discovered!


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