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Belgium cuisine is known not only as fine cuisine but also as big cuisine. This means that along with big portions, you get pretty good quality. It is often said that the Belgians serves food with the quantity of Germany and the quality of France. Food is an extremely important part of Belgium life, not only do Belgians spend a lot more money on food than the average person, but they also devote a great deal more time and energy on discussing it, shopping for it, preparing it and consuming it.

Typical Belgium dishes include all types of stews, frites (chips), salads and of course all Belgium cuisine goes together with famous Belgium beer. Waterzooi, is a classic Belgian stew usually made of fish, either freshwater or sea, although chicken Waterzooi is also sometimes served, it includes vegetables such as carrots and leeks and herbs, eggs, butter and cream.

Another seafood dish the Belgians are very fond of is mussels. A typical Belgian mussel-dish, will be prepared by steaming the mussels in a mixture of butter, white wine and onions and will then be served with frites, which is better known as French fries or chips.

The Belgians also have a glorious variation of mashed potatoes, called Stoemp. Stoemp is basic mash potatoes with added fresh parsley, nutmeg, spinach and salt and pepper. Stoemp goes very well with any red meat or hot vegetable dishes.

Although Belgium is a comparatively small country, there are large number of beers available in a range of different styles. Almost every different beer has its own unique drinking vessel, usually a glass of some type.

The sweet-tooth will not have one dull or hungry moment while visiting Belgium. Belgium is very famous for its delightful home made chocolates. Little chocolate specialty stores can be found on almost every corner, selling all varieties, colours, and shapes of Belgium chocolates.


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