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Though the Belgian people have had such a varied influence on their culture over the last couple of hundred years, they have a strong sense of identity. Most aspects of their cultural life are shared by almost all Belgians, regardless of where they live or what language they speak.

When it comes to art, the Belgians are proud of where they have come from and where they are going to. There are many fine art museums such as the Royal Museum for Fine Arts in Antwerp which houses some excellent works by Peter Paul Rubens. The Groeninge Museum in Bruges has on display some of the works of the Flemish primitives, while the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium in Brussels, has a wonderful René Magritte collection. There are many young aspiring artists in Belgium at present, as well as a few brilliant fashion designers whose wares are world renown.

While Belgian literature might be somewhat harder to define, their comics have become an integral part of life. Wonderful stories such as Tintin, Lucky Luke, the Smurfs and Marsupilami have all been created an illustrated in this country.

Belgian music is quite varied - from the pop/trop hop band Hooverphonic to Aka Moon's Jazz sounds or Lords of Acid's more electronic sounding compositions, there is no shortage of wonderful musical talents in this country.

Belgium is a country where architectural masterpieces abound - despite any destruction the country may have suffered during the wars. From Romanesque to gothic, baroque to Art Nouveau, Baroque has excellent examples of almost every building style throughout history!

Belgium is also famous for its waffles and beer. With hundreds of varieties of beer and the prestigious Trappist beer, the pub goer will find no shortage of new tastes to hunger for. And when they find they need some food in their bellies, nothing tastes quite as delicious as the Belgian waffle. There are also quite a few more traditional dishes worth trying.

Another large part of Belgian culture is their festivals. Nearly every city or town has a festival dating back a few hundred years. They've been celebrated regularly since their inception and are not merely for the eyes of prying tourists. Most of them have interesting beginnings which are worth taking the time to find out. However, the fun and festivities are the perfect way to spend a trip to this pretty country.


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