Travel to Leper in Belgium

Unwind in the small fascinating town Leper

The small town of Leper is somewhat off the beaten track as far as most Belgian tours go, but that doesn't mean it has nothing to offer! A striking mixture of beautiful and old graceful buildings and monuments with more modern architectural delights, Leper is a great place filled with friendly faces and an intriguing sense of humor.

Much of modern-day Leper owes its look to the heavy fire that the town suffered during World War I. It was during the war that the town suffered four long, terrible years of bloodshed and destruction. Many of the buildings - including the older, more priceless buildings - where either badly damaged or destroyed. While some were repaired, others made way for newer structures. Hence Leper has an odd mixture of old and new buildings which grace the city streets. If you want to find out more about the war in Leper, the best place to go is to the World War I memorial museum housed in the Lakenhalle and Town Hall. Situated on Oude Markt, the museum was inaugurated in 1998 and features a recreation of the history of the 'Great War. The scenes depict the ravages of the War and serve as a sobering reminder as to why they should be avoided.

Leper has garnered the nickname 'kattenstad' (city of cats) over the years and it is a name which the city definitely lives up to. Every three years the town enjoys a traditional festival called the 'Kattenstoet' which features colorful, lively processions with large cat-like floats. The procession culminates in the Kattenwrop and draws visitors from around the country and sometimes from around the world too.

For something a little different, the Bellewaerde amusement park is not far away and makes for a very entertaining day. If you prefer something quieter, golf is a popular past time in this part of Belgium. Book your Leper hotel now to make sure that you enjoy all the different aspects of this unusual little city!


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