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Liege, or Liège, is a vibrant and ancient city. A visit to Liege is like jumping in a time machine and setting the dial back several hundred years.

Liege featured in history books in about 705 CE when the martyr St. Lambert was murdered in the city, then called Vicus Leudicus. St. Hubert constructed a basilica in which to preserve St. Lambert's relics, which became the heart of the city.

Liege was the residence of the prince-bishopric during the period 985 until 1794. Prince-bishop Notger developed Liege into an important ecclesiastical and intellectual hub. Due to its strategic location, Liege was often attacked by armies. A large castle was built to oversee the western portion of the city. Residents of Liege revolted against rule by Burgundy and thus faced the wrath of King Louis XI of France and Duke Charles of Burgundy who successfully attacked the city in 1468. In later years Liege was ruled by Habsburgs and then by Spain. From then on, the heads of Liege often changed hands. The Revolution Liègeoise began on 18 August 1789 at the incitement of Bishop de Velbruck. During the Campaigns of 1794 the French army annexed the city, demolishing the Saint Lambert Cathedral. In 1815 Liege was ceded to the Netherlands by the Congress of Vienna. However, in 1830 the Belgium Revolution established an independent Belgium of which Liege was a part. Liege hastily grew into a mainstream industrial city.

After World War Two the steel industry in Liege disintegrated. The city has been recovering especially with its involvement in the European Union. New buildings such as shopping centers have arisen and a fantastic railway station is on the way.

There are many things to see and do in Liege. The city's most esteemed monument is the "Perron", an octagonal fountain featuring four lions bearing the Three Graces who hold a pine cone. Representative of the Province of Liege and freedom, the monument is an impressive sight. In St. Lambert's square you will be awestruck by the Palace of Justice, formerly home to the Prince-bishops. Outside you will note the magnificent Italian Renaissance style. As you enter the building the Gothic style of the interior stands out. The Palace is an eclectic mix of style and influences from different cultures and eras. Visit one of Liege's many brilliant museums these include the Arms Museum, Museum of Walloon Art, Museum Curtius, Museum of Religious Art and the House of the Metallurgic Industry.

There are a variety of hotels in Liege which cater for all budgets. Check out online reviews on hotels in Liege when deciding where to stay, it'll make life a little easier. Your travel agent will be able to organize a flight to Liege Airport for you. Inexpensive flights to Liege can be found online. Why not consider car hire in Liege to get around to surrounding towns for day trips? You can learn more about car hire in Liege online.

Liege is a city filled with historical intricacies, cultural strength and a vibrant air.


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