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Relax in the beautiful surroundings of Spa

It should really come as no surprise that Spa is primarily a health resort. Situated roughly 35km south of Li├Ęge in the delightful valley of Spabach, Spa enjoys the tranquil wooded slopes of the Ardennes which only add to its appeal. The town is supplied by two springs and another seven can be found in nearby surrounding areas. These springs are very alkaline and contain large amounts of iron. It is thanks to these springs that the small village of Spa has enjoyed virtually global fame and that it still exist today.

Spa, the 'Ville d' Eaux' or 'Town of Waters', enjoyed early popularity as an elegant health resort for visitors from all over the continent. People seeking relief from circulatory diseases, stomach problems, intestinal disorders, gout and rheumatism would habitually make their way to the town to enjoy the healing properties of the place's natural springs. The town became so popular for this that in time the word 'spa' became synonymous for health resort in the English language. So in a way this small village has acquired nearly global fame simply from the widespread use of its name.

The wonderful healing properties of Spa were already well known in Roman times and this can be seen in the few old roman Baths and pump room which remain. However it was not until the 16th century that Spa started to gain widespread popularity. And while that popularity has decreased somewhat over the last few centuries, Spa still lives by its reputation for health-resorting waters and the few hotels that can be found here cater almost exclusively for this market. Many people still visit the town to enjoy the medicinal quality of the water while others simply find the peaceful surroundings incredibly enjoyable. If you plan to visit the Town of Waters for more than just health reasons, you might enjoy shopping at the flea market, visiting some of the museums, or simply enjoying the beautiful Spring baths that can be found here. There are also numerous enjoyable walks, a Forest museum and the La Reid game park as well as a host of other attractions to be enjoyed. Book your Spa hotel now to make sure that you enjoy the wonderful waters of Spa whilst in Belgium.


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