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Discover the medieval town of Waterloo

Waterloo, a small town in Brabant, is known worldwide for the famous Battle of Waterloo which occurred there on 18 June 1815. This decisive battle between France's emperor Napoleon Bonapart and the Alliance of Britian, Prussia, the Netherlands, Austria and Hanover, has left a deep mark on history. Annually in June re-enactments of the battle are held.

The Battle of Waterloo began at 11:30 am with each side making cavalry and infantry attacks during the course of the day. By 18:00 the Prussians launched their great attack forcing Napoleon to send the Imperial guard forward. French militia could not hold back the opposing forces and the battle ended at 21:00, leaving some 49 000 dead.

Today, tourists can view many monuments and attractions related to the great Battle of Waterloo. Make your way to the Musée Wellington, originally the Duke of Wellington's headquarters in Waterloo. Inside you will discover the Duke's personal items as well as documentation regarding the battle. From here you can visit the battlefield itself, now a landscape filled with cereal fields and pastures. During the summer months you can hop on the tourist train from Waterloo station to Buttte de Lion. A visitor's center is located at the base of Lion hill. Here you can observe computer screens and pictures providing insight into the history of the battle. Beside the center is a circular building where in you can inspect a massive panorama of the Battle of Waterloo dating back to 1913/1914.

Several monuments dot the historical battlefield. One such monument made of a stone column is dedicated to those from Belgium who died. Inscribed upon the bronze plaque is a French inscription honoring these soldiers. Several other monuments have been dedicated to the men of Hanover, the Prussians, Lt. Col Gordon and the French Imperial Army.

South of the battlefield you will come across the Ferme du Caillou, Napoleon's final headquarters. Inside is a fantastic museum.

Opposite the visitor's center is the waxworks museum. Delve into history as you view these life-size figures of important individuals and ordinary soldiers.


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