Travel to Zeebrugge in Belgium

Discover the friendly atmosphere of Zeebrugge

If you're planing to journey to Bruges by means of ferry, you will most likely find yourself arriving at the harbor-town of Zeebrugge, Bruges main harbor port. Even on slow days you will find the town bustling with activity and life since the modern port is not only an international port but a fashionable seaside resort.

Zeebrugge is located centrally on the coast of the North Sea and is only a short distance from Great Britain. Because it is situated close to many of the countries more industrialized cities Zeebrugge acts as a sort of cross-roads for traffic from the busiest sea in the world. As soon as you step off the Zeebrugge ferry you will be able to catch a train or attempt car hire in Zeebrugge and travel on the expressway to Bruges, but we recommend that you stick around for a while longer so that you can enjoy this many great aspects of this resort-town.

After booking in at a Zeebrugge hotel, you might try head to one of the local caf├ęs to enjoy a tasty meal. If the weather is warm you can grab your beach towel and head out to the pretty beaches to enjoy the sun and soothing surf. If it's not quite warm enough to tempt you to strip down to your costume, you might try taking a walk along the picturesque waterfront and not only take in the sights, smells and sounds of the busy waters nearby but also enjoy popping into the many little shops along the way. If you are planning to cook for yourself, there is a lovely wholesale fish market at the marina - the market is one of the largest in Europe so you can be sure to enjoy a great selection at wholesale prices! Zeebrugge is a great place to spend a day or two before you continue to either Britain or Bruges, so make good use of the opportunity by planning for it in advance.


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