Pere Laval Day, An Important Festival in Mauritius

Mauritius is a place where many national groups and religions come together which means that there are very few festivals on this beautiful island which are unique to Mauritius. However, Pere Laval Day is one day that holds special value in Mauritius and nowhere else.


Africa's Beautiful Island of Mauritius

One visit to Mauritius and you will fall madly in love with it forever. A spectacularly beautiful island off the southeastern coast of Africa, Mauritius lies to the east of Madagascar. The sugar white sands of the wide beaches are lapped by clear aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean. The island is surrounded by lagoons protected by coral reefs.


Algeria Travel Offers Insights into Jewish Heritage

Jews are reported to have been in Algeria since the Roman times. In 14th century many Jews came to Algeria to avoid persecution in Spain. Among them were a number of outstanding scholars, including Rav Yitzchak ben Sheshet Perfet (the Ribash) and Rav Shimon ben Zemah Duran (the Rashbatz). Jewish Merchants did very well financially during the Ottoman regime. In those days they were free to practice their religion and many synagogues were set up in Algeria.


Everything about Cairo is Special

There is no city in the world quite like Cairo and almost everything about it is special. Even before you land at the airport the magnificent sights of the mighty Nile River meandering through the city and the incredible Pyramids of Giza greet you - and you know you are here for real!

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