The Wonder of St. Gallen in Switzerland

Nestled in a valley in northeastern Switzerland, between beautiful Lake Constance and the majestic Appenzell Alps, the city of St. Gallen is surrounded by pristine natural beauty. While being a truly modern city, a stroll down the traffic-free streets of the medieval Old Town of St. Gallen is like taking a step back in time, and visiting the many places of interest provides fascinating insight into the city’s long history, which goes right back to the first century.


Delos – Birthplace of Apollo and Artemis

Near the popular island of Mykonos in Greece, lies a group of islands known as the Cyclades. Close to the centre of the Cyclades is an island that is as much historic as it is mythical – Delos. This is more than just an ancient sacred island; it can almost be described as an outdoor museum. Excavations and research have been ongoing on Delos, discovering its greatness and its secrets that lie scattered amongst the ruins of the once magnificent city.


The Beautiful Basque Coast of Spain

The Basque Coast in the north of Spain features 252 kilometers of diverse and beautiful coastline to explore. Mountains, cliffs, estuaries, nature reserves, historic villages, cities, monuments, museums, and long stretches of soft, golden sand provide the perfect setting for an enjoyable and memorable holiday.


The White Cliffs of Dover

Immortalized in the World War II song by Vera Lynn, and either mentioned in, or the subject of, many poems, songs and films, the white cliffs of Dover are not only a natural wonder, they have great symbolic significance for Britain and its people. Stretching along the coastline at the narrowest part of the English Channel and facing towards Continental Europe, the white cliffs of Dover have for centuries stood guard over an area that may otherwise have been vulnerable to invasion.


Swimming with Killer Whales in Norway

There is no greater thrill, for most people, than to get close to nature. The excitement of being close to a wild animal cannot be compared to any other human experience, especially when the encounter takes place in the open waters of the ocean. Norway has a special guest that you can meet in its waters between the months of October to January – the Killer Whale.


Beijing Olympic Events and Medalists So Far

Since the 2008 Summer Olympic Games kicked off in Beijing on August 8, a lot has already happened. The games have been underway for just over a week, gold medals are being wracked up by some countries and events continue to keep crowds silent in expectation.


The Charming Destination of Bellinzona, Switzerland

The town of Bellinzona, in Switzerland, might not be the biggest and most popular with tourists, but it is also these facts that make the town the perfect destination. Without the overcrowded streets, bustle of city life and thousands of visitors trying to find their way, Bellinzone is filled with historic charm, original and unique gifts and a peacefulness that rejuvenates the mind and soul. Its beauty is beyond compare, the people are friendly, and is a treasure trove of historic buildings and a rich heritage.


Valley of the Temples in Italy

Just outside the city of Agrigento on the island of Sicily, stands one of the most spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Sites that exists today. It is not only a fascinating attraction in Italy, but provides insight into a world that we can merely speculate on, a town once showered in Greek architecture and splendor, and the temples that each had their own meaning and purpose. As the Romans invaded this once bustling city, they destroyed most of the buildings and structures. What remains in the Valley of the Temples is eagerly explored by tourists and locals alike.

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