Il Palio de Siena

Il Palio is a historical and important horse racing event that takes place in Siena, Italy, and is a celebration that is not easily forgotten. Annually, on the 2nd of July and the 16th of August, thousands gather for the evening festivities the day before the race, and for the main event itself. The very first Il Palio was run on 16 August 1656 and in 1701 it was dedicated to Madonna di Provenzano. Connected to the Contradas (districts) of Siena, each contrada is represented in the race. Originally there were ninety-five, but today about seventeen remain, of which approximately ten participate in Il Palio.


Trooping the Color in Honor of Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen’s Birthday Parade, otherwise known as Trooping the Color, is set to take place on Saturday 14 June 2008. Loyal Royal fans turn out in their droves, waving miniature Union Jacks, patiently waiting to catch a glimpse, no matter how fleeting, of the Queen and her Royal entourage as they pass by.


Explore the Wonders of Banff National Park

Set in the majestic Canadian Rockies, west of Calgary, the Banff National Park was established in 1885, making it the oldest national park in Canada. Covering an area of 6,641 square kilometers, the diverse landscape of Banff National Park includes jagged snow-capped mountains, spectacular glaciers, mountain slopes clothed in evergreen forests, tranquil alpine meadows, rushing streams, serene emerald-hued lakes, hot springs renowned for their therapeutic properties and countless scenic drives. It is little wonder that Banff National Park is considered to be among the top tourist attractions of the world, welcoming more than 5 million visitors each year.


Journey along the Way of Saint James

For many of the Christian faith the Way of St. James is a religious pilgrimage that is of great significance to them. For many tourists, hiking the Way of St. James is an adventure that takes them on paths that are not often explored by visitors and an opportunity to discover the beauty of the landscapes and noteworthy sights along the way. But either way, both pilgrims and hiking enthusiasts end up at the same destination, the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain.


Alkmaar Cheese Market in Holland

Back in the day, the Alkmaar Cheese Market was a vital trading centre, and even though cheese is still sold here and traditions upheld, it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Holland. And the tourists are not there just to buy high quality cheese to take home, but to enjoy the unique atmosphere and culture that has made the Alkmaar Cheese Market famous across the world. With more than a hundred thousand tourists visiting the market during its trading months of April to September, it has secured its place as one of the attractions that are significant to the tourist industry of Alkmaar.


Explore the Intriguing Wonders of the Frisian Islands

The Frisian Islands make up a formation known as an archipelago. They are spread out along the coastline of the North Sea and extend through the territories of Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark. Together, the three countries fight to conserve the spectacular wildlife and natural landscapes of the Frisian Islands, by establishing reserves and protected areas, often battling the economic sector to protect the islands.


Shakespeare Comes to Life at London’s Globe Theatre

The next time you take a stroll through London, why not make a turn into Bankside and rediscover Shakespeare at London’s Globe Theatre? William Shakespeare is certainly no stranger to most of us. His plays have been immortalized in film and theatre and have survived the 392 years since his death with the greatest ease. Shakespeare himself is known as England’s national poet and is credited with being the greatest writer in the English language. Little wonder then, that authorities in England saw fit to have Shakespeare’s own theatre recreated for the benefit of future generations.


Marvels of Notre Dame de Paris

Situated on the Île de la Cité in Paris, France, Notre Dame de Paris is widely considered to be among the world’s finest examples of French Gothic architecture. Notre Dame is a prominent landmark and popular tourist attraction which is still used as a Roman Catholic cathedral. The name Notre Dame is French for “Our Lady”, referring to the Virgin Mary. There are a number of cathedrals named Notre Dame in French speaking countries worldwide. However, the majority of people readily associate the name of Notre Dame with the city of Paris.

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