View the Magnificent Art of the Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel in Italy is synonymous with one of the greatest artists who ever lived - Michelangelo. It can be said that Michelangelo brought fame to the Sistine Chapel, which is visited by thousands of tourists each year, who come to view the detailed work he left behind on the ceiling of the chapel. Located in the corner of the Apostolic Palace, this remarkable chapel has become a monument to Michelangelo and a legendary historical attraction in Italy.


Archaeological Treasures of Bohuslan, Sweden

The province of Bohuslan in the most westerly part of Sweden has a wealth of archaeological remains, believed to number more than 20,000, which testify to its long, and sometimes complex, history. Historically Bohuslan has relied on fishing for its income, but in recent years a growing tourist and holiday trade has attracted travelers to the rugged beauty of this strip of Swedish coastline, bringing an alternative source of income to the local people whose descendents have for generations called this area home.


Germany’s Fairy Tale Road

A tour of the Fairy Tale Road in Germany is like taking a trip in a time-machine into the past, to a time when the Brothers Grimm traveled these beautiful country roads from one picturesque village to the next, collecting stories and folk tales from the local inhabitants. The route meanders over a distance of more than 600 kilometers from the southern town of Hanau through to Bremen in the north, passing by places where these two legendary brothers lived, worked and drew their inspiration from.


The Manchester Irish Festival

The Manchester Irish Festival is a two week celebration of Ireland, a country fondly known as the Emerald Isle. From 7 to 20 March 2008, the Manchester Irish Festival offers an exciting program of events including music, theater, comedy, sport and dance as well as themed parties. Events featuring renowned international acts alongside local talent will take place throughout the city.


Hydra Island in Greece

The picturesque island of Hydra is one of the Saronic Islands located between the islands of Poros and Spetses, just off the mainland of Greece. In addition to being a popular island for the holiday homes of wealthy Greeks, Hydra is a prime international tourist destination and a haven for artists. The island can only be reached by water, and ferries regularly travel between the port of Hydra and the port of Piraeus adjacent to Athens, as well as the port of Nafplion on the Peloponnese coast.


Join in the Vibrant Celebrations of the Nice Carnival

To enjoy the endless energy and contagious atmosphere of carnival celebrations in France, visitors to the country of romance should book their trip between the 16th of February 2008 and the 2nd of March 2008, as these are the dates for the 2008 Nice Carnival. For ten days, the streets of Nice come to life with color, music and celebrations, to welcome locals and visitors to the most exciting and breathtaking carnival in France. Its innovative annual festival themes, attractions and thrilling activities, lure thousands of festival attendees to the Nice Carnival each year.


Shopping at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

Situated at the Beyazit Gate near the renowned Blue Mosque, Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, or Kapali Carsisi (literally meaning “covered market”), is a shopper’s paradise. Entering the Grand Bazaar through the arches of the ancient Beyazit Gate, the treasure trove of gold, silk, brass and copper sparkling under a myriad of lights is reminiscent of stories about Aladdin’s Cave.


Budapest Spring Festival – A Cultural Celebration

The fascinating city of Budapest, the capital of Hungary, has a rich cultural heritage reflecting its long and colorful history. The Budapest Spring Festival is the biggest cultural event in Hungary and is enjoyed by thousands of Hungarians as well as visitors from around the world. The 2008 event is set to take place from the 14th to the 30th of March 2008.

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