Rock Drawings of Valcamonica in Italy

Valcamonica in Italy was the first location in the country to be named a World Heritage Site. The Rock Drawings of Valcamonica in Italy, also known as Valle Camonica, are found on a large site that covers approximately seventy kilometers. It is not only the rock drawings of Valcamonica that draw so many visitors, but also its breathtaking location.


Italy’s Giostra del Saracino – Bringing History to Life

If the idea of taking a walk through the halls of time to a period when knights sat astride noble horses as they competed in jousting tournaments appeals to you, then you simply have to get down to Arezzo during the month of September for the annual Giostra del Saracino festival in Italy.


The Faeroe Islands

The Faeroe or Faroe Islands are a group of eighteen islands located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Norwegian Sea in Northern Europe. The name Faeroe Islands means “Sheep Islands”, which was a name given to them by Saint Brendan, an Irish Monastic Saint. True to its name, visitors to the Faroe Islands will probably meet up with more sheep than people when exploring the countryside.


Bjørgvin Marknad in Norway – A Viking Legacy

If you’ve ever been interested in Vikings, Norway will likely prove to be a most interesting destination to you. Once home to the mysterious Vikings, the descendents of these hardy, sea-faring people are doing their best to keep the culture of their forefathers alive. One way they do this is by organizing regular events in which the Viking culture is explored in an entertaining and enlightening way.


Camel Wrestling in Turkey

Camel wrestling is not as violent or blood thirsty as one might think. It is also a sport that only takes place once a year which makes it an event that is generally highly anticipated. Camels and their owners train for the annual Camel Wrestling Festival, held in Selcuk, for months in advance, making the bond between camel and owner extremely close and affectionate.


Carouge - A World of its Own

Carouge is a small suburb that is 2km from the city of Geneva. Carouge is a relaxed e town that is worlds apart from the rest of Switzerland, especially when it comes to history, architecture and atmosphere. Carouge was designed by Turinese architects with an interesting and unique design of checkerboard arrangements. The streets are lined with beautiful trees crisscrossing one another.


Bath Music Festival – A Musical Extravaganza

The Bath Music Festival is a festival of international talent that runs approximately seventeen days. It was established in 1948 and has been hosted in the city of Bath in England every year since.


The European Fine Art Fair in Maastricht

Every year for the past thirty years Maastricht has hosted the European Fine Art Fair – one of the more varied and exciting international art and antique fairs around. Maastricht is one of the oldest towns in the Netherlands and can be located near the Belgium and German borders. The Fine Art Fair focuses on bringing handpicked museum quality items as well as well-established art and antique dealers and art galleries from an array of countries all under one roof.

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