Glamping – A New World Wide Trend

What ever happened to tossing a tent, sleeping bags and just the necessary into the car, heading out to a remote location, and becoming part of the wild for a weekend? It has been overshadowed by the new form of camping called “Glamping”. Glamping has become the latest trend, and is known as glamorous camping. Instead of crawling into your tent at night and struggling to change into your not-so-glamorous evening attire, you can now walk into your marquees tent, sit down at a table and read the newspaper.


World Heritage Sites of Hungary

Hungary is a fascinating country with an intriguing history, fine natural habitats and exceptional cities. A land with a rich heritage, it is vital that important cultural and historical treasures are cared for so as to benefit future generations. UNESCO has declared certain sites of particular importance as World Heritage Sites. This ensures that such sites are preserved and promoted for tourism. Why not make a point of visiting these unique natural and man-made wonders of Hungary, they will certainly give you a deeper look into this country's captivating culture.


Traveling to Switzerland: The Swiss City Gem of Cointrin

The cabin crew had switched to Mozart when I arose from a rather fitful slumber in my economy seat. I leaned across my wife to take in the spectacular mountains and verdant countryside below. It was not long though, before we were on the ground, and moving without either effort on the silent conveyors from a satellite hub to the main airport building. The giant Piaget billboards made no secret that we had arrived at a fairy-tale destination of elegance, if not paradise itself!


Profile of Greek Barista Champion

The concept of the Barista is still relatively new in the United States, unlike in many European countries, where being a barista is a job that more often than not becomes a lifelong passion. Such is the case in Greece, where making coffee with an Ibrik is still a very common preparation method (just as it is in the Balkans and other East European countries including Russia). Throughout the world there are many ways of blending, roasting, grinding and preparing Greek/Turkish/Arabian coffee. The traditions and cultures are numerous.


Tuscany - The Countryside and Rolling Hills

Tuscany lies in the center of the Italian peninsula and is known locally as Toscana. It is one of the most scenic parts of the country with dense cypress forests and picturesque mountains. The natural beauty of the countryside must have had much to do with the exceptional number of artists who have been born over the centuries or lived in the area.


Majorca Spain - One of Europe's Most Popular Destinations

Mallorca, also known as Majorca, is the biggest among the Balearic Islands of Spain. This beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, particularly among the Germans and the British. In fact there are so many packages with direct flights to Mallorca organized from both Germany and England that it is the most economical and convenient way of getting there.


Melbourne - The Charm and Grace

There is a lot about Melbourne Australia that is reminiscent of New England. One could even extend that and say that it is the most English town in Australia. In a particularly laidback, and generally charming, country, Melbourne with its Victorian and Gothic architecture is of full of old world charm and grace.

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