Adventure Awaits Along the Israel National Trail

Middle East - Editor - 02 October 2008

Adventure Awaits Along the Israel National Trail

Many international visitors only get to see a few images of Israel on the news, which is often less than positive. But as most discover from the moment they arrive in Israel, there is so much beauty and magnificence to find, and that the country is filled with noteworthy sites and many attractions. When it comes to activities there are endless choices, but one of the most popular ways to explore Israel, its spectacular landscapes and wonderful towns and villages, is by taking on the Israel National Trail.

Hiking the Israel National Trail is a unique and indescribable experience. It covers approximately a thousand kilometers, or six hundred and fifty miles, and takes hiking enthusiasts through a journey of diverse territories, picturesque scenery and quaint villages, with some breathtaking attractions along the way. The most popular route is to travel from North to South and hikers should plan their time of arrival so as to benefit from the natural wonders that lie ahead.

The trail will take hikers past and through legendary landmarks, such as the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, the Red Sea, the Negev, and Nazareth. There are many religious sites, ancient villages and archeological sites. Most locals have English as their second language, so they will be able to assist hikers along the way, and are known to be friendly and extremely hospitable to foreign visitors. Unlike the isolated incidents that are highlighted on the news, the Israel National Trail has never experienced any complaints of harassment or violence towards hikers.

Hikers should ensure that they carry enough water with them, even though they will reach a town or village either daily or every second day, so they are able to stock up on food and water often. The trail is clearly marked, so hikers do not have to fear getting lost while enjoying the country side. Traveling from the North to South is recommended, as the trail begins gradually, giving hikers the opportunity to acclimatize and for their bodies to get used to the physical strain of hiking. Spring is the best time to hike the Israel National Trail, as the flowers are in full bloom and blanket the hills and land in vibrant color and beauty. To complete the trail from start to finish will take approximately forty to sixty days, but the spellbinding creeks, sites and exquisiteness makes each step worthwhile. It is the best way to experience Israel, and leaves a lasting impression that consists of memorable moments and an unforgettable adventure.


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