Adventurous Maori Village Tours

Pacific - Editor - 27 February 2008

Adventurous Maori Village Tours

The Maori culture has been a part of New Zealand since before the 1300s, when the Polynesian people started to arrive in New Zealand in waves. They soon settled in across the New Zealand landscape, but started to decline in numbers during the eighteenth century, when Europeans started to invade the land. Fortunately they were not driven to extinction and their population started to grow again during the 1960’s. It was the uniqueness of the Maori culture, traditions and their longstanding relationship with the country that inspired brothers Doug and Mike Tamaki to create a magnificent attraction called the Maori Village Tours.

Funding for the Maori Village Tours project came from the sale of Doug Tamaki’s Harley Davidson motorcycle, and the brothers endured much skepticism and negativity in regard to their plan to create a realistic representation of a traditional Maori village. However, their vision has become a popular tourist attraction, welcoming approximately a hundred thousand visitors each year and has grown to employ approximately a hundred and twenty staff members.

After a humorous and fascinating bus ride, visitors will arrive at the doors of the Tamaki Village, just outside Rotorua. On entering the village, they will step back in time where the tour group will choose a chief and send a challenge out to the host tribe. To gain entry into the Tamaki Village, the chief of the visitors, must take part in the Te Wero, or The Challenge, after the welcoming ceremony. Once peace offerings have been exchanged and the visitors are accepted as guests in the village the call of welcome will be performed, and then the local villagers will demonstrate traditional activities including games, chants and weaponry exhibitions.

Every aspect of the village is replicated in detail, and most visitors forget that they are not in a genuine village, while they visit and experience other adventures and activities such as the meeting house, the haka, songs, speeches, dancing and traditional Maori cuisine. Surrounded by breathtaking forests and terrifying warriors, learning about the legends and myths of the Maori beliefs and enjoying the marketplace and cultural spectacular, makes this an unforgettable excursion.

Another wonderful attraction of the Tamaki Village is the Realm of Tane. Here, in the city of Roturua, visitors will hang on every word of the storytellers, hear tales of mythology and be overwhelmed by the beauty of the gardens that form the magical setting for this journey through the world of the Maori.

The Maori Village Tours are most definitely a spectacular way to explore the history of New Zealand and the indigenous tribe that is vital to the culture of the country. For an amazing trip of discovery and interaction with the past, the Maori Village Tours are recommended.


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