Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore

Asia - Editor - 30 June 2011

Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore

The Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore is one of the national museums under the supervision of the Singapore National Heritage Board. The organization was established to explore and promote the ancient and modern civilizations and cultures of Asia. It bring awareness to the public in regard to their ancestors and ties to Southeast Asia and even to other parts of the world. The museum prides itself on being the pioneering museum, exploring a diverse viewpoint on the civilizations and cultures of pan-Asia. It aims to enable visitors to walk away with new perspectives and appreciation for the various cultures found within Singapore.

Over the last two hundred years, a variety of people settled in Singapore, becoming the ancestors of today’s population. They did not come from one region, but traveled from destinations in South Asia, West Asia, Southeast Asia and China, bringing with them their own ancient cultures. This makes Singapore a culturally rich destination, and cultures can be explored in depth, following the heritage of the forefathers across the world.

The first home of the museum was at Armenian Street and it opened its doors in 1997 to display exhibitions on Chinese civilizations and the Perkanakan culture. The building closed in 2005, and was renovated to become the Peranakan Museum, which is managed by the Asian Civilization Museum. In 2003, the newly renovated Empress Place became home to the Asian Civilizations Museum, giving them fourteen square meters to display their entire collection, which developed into eleven galleries and more than 1 300 artifacts and historical items. The museum assists visitors in discovering various facts in regard to religion, race, language and much more, and can be described as a visual encyclopedia.

Some of the galleries to look forward to include the three Southeast Asia galleries, the Singapore River Gallery, the West Asia (Islamic) Gallery, the South Asia galleries and the Kwek Hong Png China Gallery. Each display has its own unique collection of paintings, porcelain items from ancient dynasties, calligraphy, ceramics, jewelry, terracotta items, coins, decorative art, bronze artifacts, sculptures, textiles and woodwork. The Asia Civilizations Museum is a fascinating window into ancient cultures and the history of Singapore.


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