Belgium’s Amazing Technopolis

Europe - Editor - 28 November 2008

Belgium’s Amazing Technopolis

The idea of creating a museum like Technopolis was first explored by Erik Jacquemyn, director of the Technopolic Science Museum. He began running science programs for the public in 1985, but nothing to the magnificent scale of the current day Technopolis. With the support of the Flemish Government, Technopolis came to life in 2000, and has become more of an activity and attraction in Mechelen, Belgium, than a museum. Here, both children and adults are transported on a journey of education through fun activities, thought provoking exhibitions and ever changing interactive adventures.

All the exhibits and interactive stations are arranged in such a way that a great number of visitors can enjoy a station at the same time. The Technopolis Science Museum in Belgium also does not deny the fact that it lures visitors into learning more about science through fun and laughter. Every visitor who comes through the doors of the museum shares a wonderful time trying their hand at the various exhibits, and they are learning about science even though they are not aware they are being educated. There are approximately two hundred and eighty permanent exhibits on display, with temporary exhibitions adding a little variety. The museum teaches visitors facts from the most ordinary questions and subjects, to things we often take forgranted and do not give a thought to. Some of the thrilling activities include riding a bicycle that is five meters in the air, or trying to lie down on a bed of nails. Exploring air, electricity and even counterfeit money and the impact money has, becomes a family adventure.

The science theatre is also interactive and keeps visitors entertained for hours, while the outdoor exhibition hall with all its numerous fascinating exhibits guides visitors through a magical world in the open air. The effect of climate change is also addressed by the Technopolis Science Museum, through an educational kiosk, concerts and environmental displays. A mobile science van is available to bring its interactive science experiences to schools and other events.

Since its opening, Technopolis has welcomed thousands of local and international visitors through its doors and has become a popular attraction for those touring Belgium. Its dedication to science and sharing its wonders with the public has made Technopolis a leading museum and a favorite activity for families to enjoy.


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