Bjørgvin Marknad in Norway – A Viking Legacy

Europe - Editor - 01 June 2007

Bjørgvin Marknad in Norway – A Viking Legacy

If you’ve ever been interested in Vikings, Norway will likely prove to be a most interesting destination to you. Once home to the mysterious Vikings, the descendents of these hardy, sea-faring people are doing their best to keep the culture of their forefathers alive. One way they do this is by organizing regular events in which the Viking culture is explored in an entertaining and enlightening way.

One such event in Norway is the Bjørgvin Marknad. This annual Viking festival takes the form of a cultural market that dates back to the medieval ages when the Viking culture was very much a part of every day life. It traditionally takes place on the first weekend of June and this year is set to take place from 1 June to 3 June 2007. The weekend of entertaining activities takes place on Mount Fløyen – a massive mount which overlooks Bergen. Because of it’s elevation, the easiest way to reach the festival is to make use of the ‘Fløybanen’ cable car, which is dedicated to the job of taking visitors up to the top of mount Fløyen from the fish market at the center of the city. If you are fit enough to contemplate hiking to the top of the mountain, you might prefer to do so as it is a great way get yourself thinking about the lifestyles and daily struggles of these early people.

When you arrive at the top you will find yourself greeted by a variety of color and festivities. Many visitors and participants at the market prefer to don Viking costumes to give the event a more traditional flavor. Big round shields and shimmering swords are used in battle re-enactments and visitors can try their hand at archery by visiting the archery range. Historical exhibitions educate people about the day-to-day lives of Vikings living in Bergen and history lectures also provide interesting insight into the lives of these interesting people. Food is prepared and served according to traditional methods, which are roughly 1000 years old, and a variety of interesting merchandise can be bought at the market.

There is no entrance fee to the festival in Norway, but voluntary donations are appreciated and used to keep the annual market alive. So book your stay in Bergen for the first week of June and enjoy this great annual event.


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