Book a Holiday on Prince Edward Island

North America - Editor - 14 November 2007

Book a Holiday on Prince Edward Island

Not only is Prince Edward Island a Canadian island, but it is a province. The Mi’kmaq originally named it Abegweit, which means the “Land Cradled by Waves”. The Mi’kmaq tribe members were the first inhabitants of the island. Throughout the years the island was captured by many and saw a few name changes in its time. But is was during the British rule that it was finally given the name Prince Edward Island in 1798, in honor of Queen Victoria’s father, Prince Edward Augustus the Duke of Kent. During this time, the island started attracting many wealthy and noble families who thought of the island as a luxurious retreat and holiday destination.

Even though the island forms part of Canada, it is a very independent province. Their economy relies of fishing, tourism and agriculture. The agricultural sector of the island produces potatoes and has become one of the largest potato producers in Canada. The ocean provides the smaller communities of the island with mussels, lobsters and oysters and is known for its magnificent seafood dishes.

When it comes to the tourism industry, the Prince Edward Island has an endless number of attractions, sights and activities. Its beaches offer visitors soft and clean stretches of sand, kayak tours, bird watching and perfect windsurfing conditions. Cycling through the many scenic trails is a relaxing and refreshing experience and there are various camping sites available in the woodlands or along the beach. Visitors to Prince Edward Island often enjoy an adventurous motorcycling tour of the island, take scenic drives, indulge in a few rounds of golf, go deep-sea fishing, or take tours into the forests to view the wildlife and birds of Prince Edward Island. Lighthouses, such as Panmure Head, Cape Bear, West Point and East Point, have become significant tourist attractions due to their historical importance and design, of which some originate from before 1873.

Prince Edward Island is probably known to the entire world through Anne of Green Gables. The first publication of this well-known novel, written by L.M. Montgomery, was released in 1908 and has become a literary icon. Next year, the island will be celebrating a hundred years of Anne of Green Gables, complete with events and conferences. The province of Prince Edward Island and the L.M. Montgomery heirs, jointly own the registered trademark of Anne of Green Gables, allowing visitors to purchase original and authentic merchandise and souvenirs.

The tourism industry has flourished on Prince Edward Island because of the diverse range of attractions, arts and crafts stores, historical establishments and significant landmarks that document the heritage of the province. It is a magical destination that inspires, amazes and rejuvenates.


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