Canada’s Kivalliq Region

North America - Editor - 06 August 2009

Canada’s Kivalliq Region

Icy tundra, beautiful belugas and fluffy polar bears are just some of the things you can expect to see when visiting Canada’s far-flung Kivalliq Region. The area is filled with culture, history and natural beauty, and nature lovers will find themselves looking out from their fur-lined hoods in awe at the majestic sights before them.

The Kivalliq Region in Canada is slowly becoming a popular tourist destination – especially amongst nature lovers. There are so many attractions here that it is hard to know where to start. Kivalliq can be loosely divided up into several smaller areas, namely: Marble Island, Rankin Inlet, Arviat, Baker Lake, Chesterfield Inlet, Coral Harbor, Repulse Bay and Whale Cove. If you really want to do the Kivalliq Region justice, you should spend time at all these locations as they each have something different to offer.Marble Island is located near the Rankin Inlet. A beautiful and haunting image of white stone in an icy sea, the island has strong spiritual associations for the local Inuit people. Visitors may choose to take a ride out to the island, where they’ll find the remains of an 18th century English whaling ship that became doomed on these icy waters. Most people, however, prefer to stick around Rankin Inlet where there is a constant bustle of activity. The inlet serves as a transportation hub for the Kivalliq region, so there are always freight and equipment ships passing through the area. The area also has an airport, where you’ll find the Kivalliq Regional Visitors Centre – the perfect place to start your travels in the region. The center can provide you with information about the Iqalugaarjuup Nunanga Territorial Park not far from Rankin Inlet, as well as help you plan your trip out to Marble Island. If you’re visiting in May you’ll find that Rankin Inlet enjoys some fantastic spring celebrations.

Arviat can be found on Hudson Bay’s western shoreline. This is the perfect place to watch for the gentle beluga whales that frequent the waters, while caribou can often be spotted in the area. For a spot of culture, visitors can head to the Margaret Aniksak Visitors Center to learn all about the history of Arviat and the Padlei area as well as traditional Inuit life. This is often quite effective when combined with a visit to the Sinulinut Elders Society. After that, a drive out to the McConnell River Migratory Bird Sanctuary is a must since this is where almost a quarter million birds make their homes. Depending on what time of the year you are visiting, Arviat also has plenty of other interesting cultural activities to observe.

If learning about those places has got your interest piqued, then you will definitely want to spend time in Baker Lake where you can paddle the river and pass musk-ox, white wolves, gyrfalcons, grizzly bears and wolverines, amongst other things. The Chesterfield Inlet is best sought out for its fascinating history and great fishing, while Coral Harbor is filled with fossils, fish and birds. Repulse Bay has a chilly location on the Arctic Circle and is the place to go for polar bear watching, while Whale Cove will not only give you the best chance of spotting Belugas, but also give you chance to explore an icy tundra. So give Canada’s Kivalliq Region a try!


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