Carouge - A World of its Own

Europe - Editor - 30 April 2007

Carouge - A World of its Own

Carouge is a small suburb that is 2km from the city of Geneva. Carouge is a relaxed e town that is worlds apart from the rest of Switzerland, especially when it comes to history, architecture and atmosphere. Carouge was designed by Turinese architects with an interesting and unique design of checkerboard arrangements. The streets are lined with beautiful trees crisscrossing one another.

Carouge is separated from Geneva by the river Arve. It was in the 18th century that the river Arve was an international frontier marking a border between the kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia and the city-state of Geneva, which at the time was heavily controlled by the 16th-century Protestant preacher John Calvin. It was later that King Victor Amadeus III, a catholic, wanted to develop the tiny settlement of Carouge into a trading rival to Geneva. But King Victor needed more people and traders to fulfill this ambitious project.

Today Carouge has a wonderful Mediterranean feel to it, with very pleasant and warm surroundings. Carouge is still something of a refuge from the city and is a destination for many persons, most frequently for artisans, fashionable young city dwellers and of course anyone who wants to have a excellent time with someone special.

On the streets of Carouge visitors can find artists with their amazing pieces of art. Also on show are many workshops, specialty stores, cafés and bars. Today the city of Carouge has gained the reputation for its exciting activities along with lovely trendy boutiques and some stunning antique shops. Carouge has many curio shops to visit as well. The town’s restaurants and bistros give off a warm and pleasant feeling. You can come and enjoy their many traditional dishes served with style. Carouge is still the place to party. The Swiss town has a fantastic nightlife. It will be worth your while to come and have some fun.

The Carouge Museum is something not to miss. The structure is a beautiful residence that was built for a master watchmaker around 1789 in the Louis XVI style. The most amazing antique collections may be viewed here on request. The art pieces mainly consist of earthenware produced by the Carouge factory between 1810 and 1930. You will also see Noverraz Art Deco ceramic that was made between 1930 and 1960 at the Carouge Museum.There is a variety of art works even by contemporary ceramics artists.

Why not come see Carouge for yourself - a place of true discovery and relaxation.


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