Discover the Marine Marvels of Sea Life Park, Hawaii

North America - Editor - 17 October 2007

Discover the Marine Marvels of Sea Life Park, Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in the world. Even just the name “Hawaii” conjures up visions of tall palm trees, colorful flowers and sun-bronzed holidaymakers lying on the sweeping white beaches and splashing in the azure sea.

Sea Life Park adds to the enjoyment of a trip to Hawaii. This world-class marine attraction is situated just fifteen miles from Waikiki, between dazzling Makapuu Beach and Koolau Mountain. Visitors are invited to spend an entire day exploring a myriad of entertaining and educational attractions.

The dolphins’ friendly appearance, playful manner and willing interaction with humans results in many people wanting to get to know these highly intelligent marine animals better. At Sea Life Park in Hawaii there are interactive programs that allow visitors to swim with the dolphins. A swim with the dolphins starts off with a kiss on the cheek followed by a friendly handshake and then an exciting ride where the passenger holds onto the dolphin’s dorsal fin as it cuts through the water at high speed – truly exhilarating!

Visitors who want to experience something completely different can swim with the stingrays. While snorkeling among these unusual marine creatures, participants will have the opportunity to touch them and even enjoy feeding them.

Other interesting activities include swimming and playing with a sea lion family while helping their trainer to give them instructions using a special signal system. Their spectacular acrobatics and daring jumps make these friendly marine dwellers very entertaining. Visitors can also enjoy an underwater stroll in the Hawaiian Reef Tank. Fitted out in appropriate gear, participants can walk around the bottom of the tank and take a really close look at eels, sea turtles and countless multicolored fish and marine animals. The Hawaiian Ocean Theater Show is a magnificent display of the acrobatics and antics of dolphins, sea lions and penguins. Viewing these marine animals interact with their trainers should not be missed.

Visitors should be sure to take some time to have a look at Sea Life Park’s wholphin. This rare hybrid, which is a cross between a false killer whale and a bottlenose dolphin, is the only one of its kind in captivity.

If you have the good fortune to travel to Hawaii, be sure to visit Sea Life Park for the experience of a lifetime!


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