Discovering the Beauty of Peru on Foot

South America - Editor - 13 January 2009

Discovering the Beauty of Peru on Foot

For many people, trekking is the ultimate way to get out and see the surrounding landscape. Not only does a good climb usually afford you unprecedented views, but being surrounded by nature helps you to truly understand and appreciate the view before you. Trekking in Peru is certainly one of the better ways to get acquainted with the countryside.

Peruvians have been trekking around the countryside for millennia, but the allure of this past time in Peru to foreigners is still somewhat new. Despite the fact that Peru is a trekker’s paradise, only a handful of circuits have been commercially developed as trekking routes. These are wonderfully varied and may include valleys, plains and massifs. Indeed, this is a place where you can pick your way along some of the world’s deepest canyons, discover the beauty of glaciers and snow-capped peaks up close and personal, or become acquainted with the alluring beauty of a thundering waterfall under a high forest canopy. Some 12 000 lakes and many more rivers feed much of the terrain, keeping it green and providing the perfect environment for an abundance of animals to inhabit. In stark contrast, some places feature a rocky, desert-like landscape where the sun beats down on your brow and water seems scarce. When you combine the incredible beauty of the landscape with the friendly people and picturesque villages that are found almost everywhere in Peru, you will understand why trekking in Peru is becoming such a popular activity.

There are many fantastic trekking trails in Peru and if you are planning a trip to the country soon, you certain won't be lacking in choice. If you fear you are not quite fit enough to attempt a really difficult trail, you can take comfort in the fact that the surly little llama, which has been the main pack and herd animal of Peruvians for millennia, will be able to provide you with plenty of assistance. So whether you plan to discover the Incan heritage of the country in Machu Picchu, explore the beauty of the mountains and valleys or learn more about the fascinating people of this country, give trekking in Peru a try. It is an adventure you wont easily forget!


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