Explore The "City of Eternal Spring": Cuernavaca in Mexico

Central America - Editor - 30 October 2008

Explore The "City of Eternal Spring": Cuernavaca in Mexico

Widely regarded as the “City of Eternal Spring”, Cuernavaca in the State of Morelos, Mexico, not only offers a temperate climate all year round, but has a multitude of interesting places for visitors to explore. Cuernavaca was founded more than seven centuries ago and remnants from its long and fascinating history can be found in and around the city. As a popular holiday and tourist destination, Cuernavaca welcomes visitors to enjoy its many gardens, health spas, golf courses, tennis courts, holiday resorts, restaurants and hotels. Activities on offer include fishing, water-skiing, hunting, horseback riding and mountain climbing.

While having a wealth of history, Cuernavaca is certainly not stuck in the past. It is a modern city with a solid infrastructure that is home to numerous scientific research institutes, seventeen universities and many thriving industries, as well as being a renowned international learning center for Mexico’s language, culture and history.

Among the many places of interest to visit is the Teopanzolco Archaeological Site which is considered to be one of the most significant temples relating to the Pre Hispanic Tlahuica (regional Aztec ethnic group) Culture in the region. The word “Teopanzolco” in the Nahuatl language means “behind the old or abandoned temple” and the site is a superb example of how the ancient inhabitants of the region built their sites for worship on top of previous abandoned structures. It appears that it was not only the ancient people that had this practice, as the Palace of Cortes, which dates back to 1533, being the colonial era, was built on top of a Teocalli or Aztec Temple. The Palace was originally a summer residence for Hernan Cortes and currently houses the Cuauhnahuac Regional Museum. This is considered to be one of the finest museums in Mexico, offering deep insight into the history and culture of the people who have occupied the region in the past until the present.

The Cathedral of Cuernavaca and Assumption Franciscan Convent is an imposing complex of buildings surrounded by tall protective walls. Visitors can view a series of murals depicting the martyrdom of St. Felipe de Jesus, as well as a number of interesting original oil paintings dating back to the 17th century among other mementos and artifacts. The Chapel of San Jose, the Chapel of Carmen and the Temple of Tercer Orden are also found within the protective walls of the defunct convent.

Other interesting places to visit include the 17th century Borda Garden and Residence, the 18th Guadalupe Church, the 16th century El Calvario Shrine and the Ethno-botanic Garden & Traditional Medicine Museum. Places of natural beauty include the San Anton Waterfall and the Amanalco Ravines.

If you have the good fortune of traveling to Mexico, be sure to visit Cuernavaca for a pleasantly relaxing, yet educational, experience.


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