Explore the Intriguing Wonders of the Frisian Islands

Europe - Editor - 21 April 2008

Explore the Intriguing Wonders of the Frisian Islands

The Frisian Islands make up a formation known as an archipelago. They are spread out along the coastline of the North Sea and extend through the territories of Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark. Together, the three countries fight to conserve the spectacular wildlife and natural landscapes of the Frisian Islands, by establishing reserves and protected areas, often battling the economic sector to protect the islands.

The islands are divided into the West (Netherlands), North (Germany, except for Fanø and Rømø) and East (Germany) Frisian Islands. Under the blanket of the West Frisian Islands fall Schiermonnikoog, Vlieland, Texel, Rottumeroog, Ameland, Terschelling and Rottumerplaat. Nordstrand, Pellworm, Föhr, Helgoland and Sylt are some of the North Frisian Islands. And the East Frisian Islands include Memmert, Borkum, Langeoog and Spiereroog.

For tourists travelling through Germany, the islands are just one of many attractions to explore. And when it comes to being part of Germany’s attractions, the islands do not disappoint. The island of Sylt, for instance, attracts tourists because of its picturesque beaches, breathtaking mudflats, quaint villages and magnificent red cliffs. Amrum, on the other hand, is known for its panoramic countryside, flawless dunes, perfect swimming spots, mysterious forests and the Fishermen’s Church of St. Clement’s that is adorned with beautiful art pieces. A well visited island is that of Juist, as many visitors flock to see the Memmertfeuet Lighthouse and the spa centre. Some of the islands have their own unique traditions and festivals, such as the Biikebrennen Festival that is celebrated on all the North Frisian Islands, in celebration of Wodan, the god of war.

And as most of the villagers on the islands make a living off either sheep and cattle farming or fishing, there are many small restaurants scattered across the islands, serving tasty fresh seafood dishes, wine and the national drink of the Frisian Islands, Pharisäer. The Frisian Islands are not just a group of islands with idyllic settings, rare photographic opportunities, friendly and festive locals and splendid natural wonders; they have a life of their own and an atmosphere of tranquility and peace that is found in very few places across the world.


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