Explore the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas

North America - Editor - 13 July 2012

Explore the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas

The Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas, features a host of interesting displays, IMAX and planetarium shows and exciting events aimed at encouraging the general public, and young people in particular, to take an interest in the natural world around them. While the museum was created in 2006, it is a combination of three museums dating back much further than that – the Dallas Museum of Natural History established in 1936, the Science Place established in 1946 and the Dallas Children’s Museum established in 1995. The result has been a family-oriented venue that makes learning fun in an effort to fulfill the Museum's mission of inspiring minds through nature and science.

Located in three impressive buildings in Fair Park, Dallas, the museum's 'Nature Building' is home to over 200,000 items representing around 1.7 billion years of Earth’s history in informative exhibitions focusing on geology, biodiversity, earth science and fossils. The 'Science Building' features over 200 hands-on exhibits relating to astronomy, physics, robotics, health and nature, with special activities for young children. Located in the Science Building, the 323-seat IMAX theater with its 79-foot domed screen and 12,000 watts of surround-sound, offers screenings of educational films which are sure to make a lasting impression, the most recent of which have been Whales, exploring the undersea environment of these fascinating marine giants, and Flying Monsters, discussing the evolution of the flying reptiles pterosaurs.

'Your Incredible Body' is one of the permanent exhibitions at the museum that turns education into fun. Through twenty-four interactive multimedia displays children and adults alike have the opportunity to discover some interesting facts about how their bodies work and explore the microscopic world of germs. The Children's Museum offers a safe and fun environment for little ones to discover more about their world through a variety of activities such as being a farmer for the day at the Little Urban Farm, or discovering the amazing properties of water in the Water Room. Explore Your Town includes a Fire Department, Building Supply and Utility Company, Conservatory Center, Performing Arts Theater, Science Museum and Fine Art Museum.

Other permanent exhibitions include the Paleontology Lab where fossil specimens are painstakingly removed from the rock they were imbedded in. Staff members and volunteers are currently working on fossil specimens retrieved from the Big Bend National Park dinosaur project. The Science Building details the work involved in removing fossils and transporting them to the laboratory where they are studied and prepared before going on display. The most recent permanent museum exhibition is 'Planet Shark – Predator or Prey'. Here visitors can learn to separate myth from fact regarding these interesting marine animals. Certainly, there is plenty to see and do at the Dallas Museum of Nature & Science, so be sure to set aside enough time to enjoy it all.


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