Eye-Opening Beijing Olympics Ceremony Stuns the World

World News - Editor - 14 August 2008

Eye-Opening Beijing Olympics Ceremony Stuns the World

When China got the bill to host the 2008 Olympic Games, few people could have imagined the amazing spectacle that would unfold at the “Bird’s Nest” stadium in Beijing in honor of the event. The opening ceremony, which took place on Friday night (August 8), has absolutely stunned the world.

When crowds gathered at the Beijing National Stadium, known locally as the ‘Bird’s Nest’ due to its unusual architecture, for the opening ceremony of the Olympics, they likely couldn’t have imagined what was about to unfold before them. China had been waiting to host the event for the last 100 years and they weren’t about to waste their opportunity with second-rate celebrations. They pulled out all the stops and the results were absolutely amazing. Hundreds of dancers, musicians and sportsmen participated in the ceremony, having spent some 84 months practicing to ensure that every detail was perfect. Elaborate costumes and gigantic props completed the spectacle. Not only where the concepts used visually stunning, but the scale of the entire ceremony was simply staggering. The words of Xie Mengxin, a local girl who witnessed the event from the stadium, sums it all up nicely: “the most exciting moment is the igniting it part. It combines technology, traditional arts and Li Ning’s effort in such a perfect way.”

Technology and tradition were certainly a central theme running through the entire evening’s proceedings and the two were merged in one seemingly effortless, mind-blowing event. Organizers made use of more modern items such as LED screens, video and audio technologies, incredible wire works as well as more traditional elements like fireworks, elaborate costumes, music and martial arts to dazzle spectators in what is being hailed as the most outstanding Olympics opening ceremony ever. After the amazing ceremony, which lasted several hours, came the parade of the different athletes from the various nations and the lighting of the torch in what was possibly the most well-thought out and intricate manner ever. The 2008 Beijing Olympics Games are now open with a number of events having already taken place. Hotels in Beijing are booked out and the strikingly different stadiums are wowing tourists from around the world. If you missed out on the ground-breaking ceremony, make sure that you see videos and photos of this sensational event!

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