Fantastic International Wines at Expovina

Europe - Editor - 19 October 2007

Fantastic International Wines at Expovina

Switzerland, and more specifically, Valais, is known for producing some of the world’s finest wines. Over and above being home to breathtaking mountain peaks, this region is home to approximately twenty-two thousand vineyards. A great variety of grapes are grown here, with Pinot Noir, Gamay and Chasselas being the more popular. Some of the fine wines that are produced in the Valais region include Dôle, Fendant, Cornalin, Muscat, Humagne Rouge, Amigne and many more. It is therefore fitting that the Expovina wine tasting festival is held in Switzerland.

This year the amazing wine tasting extravaganza, Expovina, will he held in Zurich. Expovina is a tradition that started in 1953 and each year, for the last fifty-three years, it has been an annual event that is very well supported by locals and exhibitors. What makes this event so unique and spectacular is that it takes place on twelve boats that lie anchored at the Burkloplatz Docks. The boats with the sun setting on the Maur River, creates an atmosphere that is rarely found at exhibitions.

The fair also gives those who attend the opportunity to purchase some of the 4 000 different wines that will at the exhibition. It is not every day that one is invited to taste the best from five continents before making a purchase. With a hundred and sixty-five tasting booths and twenty-two countries in attendance, there will definitely be something for all tastes and preferences.

Over and above the wine tasting facilities, guests can enjoy a marvelous spread of mouth-watering foods that includes fondue, seafood and Italian delicacies. There will also be wine presentations for visitors to attend and the opportunity to try their luck in the raffle. Wine lovers should ensure that they make their way to the 2007 Expovina in Zurich to enjoy the taste of the different wines, discuss them with wine connoisseurs from different countries, and learn a few secrets to wine industry. Expovina is definitely the place to be for good food, good wine and even better company. The fair will be held between the 1st and 15th of November 2007, and it is recommended to try and get to the fair during working hours. It is such a popular event, that the evenings and weekends are crowded with visitors to this spectacular fair.


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