Germany's Romantic Road

Europe - Editor - 28 September 2009

Germany's Romantic Road

Germany is a country that is filled with breathtaking scenery, historic structures and a host of amazing attractions. One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Romantic Road. In the 1950s, travel agents nicknamed the stretch between Würzburg and Füssen, Romantic Road, due to its many medieval sites, quaint villages and spectacular landscapes, and the name has remained since. As it is so popular with tourists, it is recommended that this stunning route be explored out of season.

Starting the journey in either Füssen or Würzburg, visitors will be passing through many wonderful villages and towns along the way, such as Weikersheim, Wallerstein, Augsburg, Harbug and Creglingen. In each destination, visitors will discover a unique history, picturesque sites and attractions that highlight the true beauty of the Romantic Road. Staying over in some of the villages and towns is a rare and entertaining experience, and it is guaranteed that visitors will walk away with unforgettable memories.

Starting in Würzburg, tourists will find that the town has many secrets and hidden historical masterpieces to share. In Würzburg, visitors will find breathtaking sites such as the Marienberg Citadel and the Episcopal Residenz Palace that has been named an UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Rothenburg, attractions such as the Medieval Crime Museum and Christmas Museum are a must, while the castle in Harburg is the town’s greatest lure. Other fascinating museums and sites include the Castle of the Teutonic Order, the Wieskirche Pilgrimage Church, St Mang Monastery, King Ludwig’s Castle, Augsburg Puppet Theatre, Ries Crater Museum, Hohes Schloss Castle and the Nördlingen Railway Museum. Some destinations along the Romantic Road have almost not lost any of their historical charm, blanketed in guard towers, arched gate ways, fachwerk homes and walled fortifications. And if tourists are lucky, they will arrive just in time for a medieval festival or celebration. Not only are these attractions and the villages in which they are located allowing visitors to travel back in time and experience medieval history, but it gives them the opportunity to travel past picturesque countrysides and scenic natural wonders.


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