Glamping – A New World Wide Trend

Europe - Editor - 12 March 2007

Glamping – A New World Wide Trend

What ever happened to tossing a tent, sleeping bags and just the necessary into the car, heading out to a remote location, and becoming part of the wild for a weekend? It has been overshadowed by the new form of camping called “Glamping”. Glamping has become the latest trend, and is known as glamorous camping. Instead of crawling into your tent at night and struggling to change into your not-so-glamorous evening attire, you can now walk into your marquees tent, sit down at a table and read the newspaper.

The trend of Glamping has been made popular by many movie stars, models and the rich and famous, who are not able to spend a weekend without their little luxuries, and prefer to do everything, in style. Tour companies have also caught the wave of Glamping, and now offer interested parties the opportunity to spend their time in wild with more luxury than rough. Tents are decorated in four posted beds, Persian carpets and comfortable furniture. Electricity is available, so that glampers do not have to rely on their campfire building skills, and can peacefully snuggle up under their duvets at night.

Finding a quiet location in the riverbed to freshen up, is also not needed. Glamping trips provide steaming baths and saunas, and just before you forget that you actually signed up for a weekend in the wild, most tours offer horse riding, fishing, hiking through the bushes and looking for the elusive wildlife. And before you decide to run out and purchase your very own luxury tent, you should be warned that designers have also heard about the rising Glamping trend, and are designing tents that will probably not fit into the family camping budget.

Many industries are also reaping the benefits of the new style of camping, and many Glamping accessories such as cordless hair straighteners, traveling barbeque grills, radios, cuckoo clocks, floral teepees and navigational systems are available. So with the increasing popularity of Glamping, one has to wonder, what Glamping stories will be told around the light bulb lit table and after returning from the wild?


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