Hever Castle: A Tribute to England’s Royalty

Europe - Editor - 27 October 2008

Hever Castle: A Tribute to England’s Royalty

The magical Hever Castle is located in Kent, England, or more specifically, in the quaint village of Hever. It is a castle that plays a vital role in the history of England, and is one of the most popular attractions in the country. Its nostalgic, yet warm, atmosphere, the breathtaking gardens, exciting activities and variety of fun ways to learn more about history, makes Hever Castle unique in every way. By surviving for centuries, Hever Castle has become a monument to the heritage of the royal family and provides fascinating insight into the life of the legendary Queen Anne Boleyn.

The oldest part of Hever Castle dates back to the year 1270. It was a country house at first, but after being bought by Geoffrey Boleyn in 1462, he transformed the house into a luxurious manor. After the construction was completed, the rest of the Boleyn family, including Anne Boleyn, moved into Hever Castle after 1505. Ann Boleyn spent most of her childhood at Hever Castle, and after receiving an education abroad, she returned to England and married King Henry VIII in 1533. Anne was executed in 1536, and after her father’s death in 1539, Henry VIII took possession of Hever Castle and in 1540 gave it to his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves. The castle went on to be owned by various families, but fell into disrepair over the years. In 1903, William Waldorf bought the castle and began the process of restoration. It became the property of Broadland Properties Limited in 1983, and was opened to the public.

Visitors to Hever Castle will be stunned by the beauty and magnificence of the building and its grounds. Today, the castle has an exciting yew maze, water maze, rose gardens, lake, Italianate garden, Tudor gardens, bridge and breathtaking walks. Guidebooks to the castle and gardens are available to make the journey through this thirteenth century magical world even more sensational. Inside the castle, visitors will find historically valuable items, paintings, furniture, instruments and artifacts. Artifacts such as one of King Henry’s private locks, armor, weapons and Books of Hours, as prayer books were referred to, make this discovery of the past sensational. There are a number of interactive attractions at Hever Castle for visitors to enjoy, such as boating and falconry, or being a spectator at the annual jousting festivals.

Hever Castle is an attraction that combines the past and its mysteries with fun activities, the tranquility of leisurely strolls and a fascinating way to learn more about the history of England. It is not only an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Queen Anne Boleyn, but a chance to explore one of the country’s most treasured jewels.


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