Jamaican Magic at the Olympics

World News - Editor - 18 August 2008

Jamaican Magic at the Olympics

It has been a very successful weekend for many countries at the Beijing Olympics, especially for Jamaica, which has proved to have they fastest athletes in the world. The 100 meter sprint for men and woman was dominated by the Jamaican contenders, securing four medals in two events. With world records broken and great achievements being reached, it was a thrilling weekend for sport at the Beijing Olympics.

Standing at a towering 196cm, the athletic power house from Jamaica, Usain Bolt, lived up to his nickname as the Lightning Bolt when he broke the world record set by himself by winning the 100m sprint for men in a magnificent 9.69 seconds, taking 0.03 seconds off the previous record breaking time. Richard Thompson from Trinidad took the silver for second place and Walter Dix of America secured his bronze medal with his 9.91 second run for third place. The 100m sprint for women, gave Jamaica a reason to smile as Shelly-Ann Fraser crossed the finish line in first place in 10.78 seconds, taking the gold. Both her team mates, Kerron Steward and Sherone Simpson, receiving silver medals by finishing together in 10.98 seconds.

In swimming, the sensational Michael Phelps took his eighth gold medal when he and his fellow team mates won the 4x100 medley relay. In total, America has managed to secure twelve gold medals and thirty-one medals in the swimming events. In the 50 meter rifle three position event, Qui Jian claimed the gold medal for Beijing. Kenenisa Bekele took the 10 000m in the men’s event for Ethiopia. Britain excelled in a few events the weekend, winning gold in rowing, sailing and cycling, increasing their gold medal total to eleven.

Valerie Vili received a standing ovation when she received gold for her first place finish for New Zealand in the shot put event, as tears of joy streamed down her face. In the women’s triathlon, Emma Snowsill did not disappoint for Australia, completing the course in one hour, fifty-eight minutes and twenty-seven seconds. Vanessa Fernandes from Portugal had to settle for silver and Australia received a bronze medal, with Emma Moffat finishing in third place. Rafael Nadal, from Spain, took the men’s singles tennis title, by beating Chile’s Fernando Gonzales. Nadal will now be ranked No. 1, moving up from his No. 2 world ranking which he held for three years.

The Beijing Olympics was filled with nail-biting events this weekend, bringing magnificent victories and heart breaking disappointments to millions of viewers world-wide. And as the final week of the Olympics gets underway, the pressure and anticipation to win the last remaining medals will be felt throughout the stadium.


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