Join in Earth Day Celebrations on 22 April

Miscellaneous - Editor - 12 March 2008

Join in Earth Day Celebrations on 22 April

Earth Day is officially celebrated throughout the world on 22 April each year, with some large-scale or multi-day events often being organized over the weekend either before or after 22 April. A number of communities incorporate Earth Day into either an Earth Week, or an Earth Month, with a series of activities promoting environmental awareness taking place over this period.

The annual celebration of Earth Day serves to garner support for environmental programs, while rekindling public commitment to build a safer, healthier and cleaner environment by drawing together communities to focus on a common goal that transcends any perceived barriers such as race, financial status, language and religion. Earth’s citizens are made aware of the fact that no matter how small a change may be on a personal level, the cumulative effect of these changes can serve as a powerful force for good. Changes could include recycling household waste, starting a compost heap, planting some trees and cultivating a garden - either singly or as a community effort, installing solar panels for domestic use and supporting Earth Day celebrations by attending, or better yet, by volunteering.

An example of one of the numerous Earth Day celebrations that will be taking place is the Earth Day 2008 to be hosted by the Community Gardens Greenhouse at the Lowell National Park, Massachusetts, United States, on 19 April 2008. Activities planned for the day include seed propagation, terra cotta pot painting and seed bomb making, as well as workshops on container gardening, composting and soil testing. Guided river bank tours, music by local musicians and Community Gardens Greenhouse tours will take place throughout the day. Invited guests include environmental organizations, artists, educators, students, neighborhood advocacy groups and local business people. All have a strong interest in making a positive impact on the environment and an ongoing contribution toward a sustainable world.

Earth Day was initiated by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin and organized in 1970 by Denis Hayes. Earth Day 1970 is an event which is considered by many to have been the launching pad for the modern American environmental movement. Earth Day Network, which was created by the organizers of Earth Day, supports worldwide Earth Day celebrations as well as providing ongoing education programs relating to the environment and serving as a platform for environmental groups to network.

Earth Day is an excellent way to bring environmental issues to the fore - but don’t wait until 22 April to start making changes to benefit the environment – start today. Every step toward a healthier environment makes a positive contribution toward mankind’s wellbeing.


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