Discovering the Island of Kauai in Hawaii

North America - Editor - 10 November 2006

Discovering the Island of Kauai in Hawaii

Hawaii is a string of islands in the Pacific Ocean and Kauai is the northernmost island. It was here that the first European settler, Captain James Cook landed in 1778. Kauai is just twenty minutes away air from Honolulu. It is served by two airports at Lihue and Port Allen. The ancient island has an area of about 550 square miles and most of it is lush rain forest. In fact 80% of Kauai is not even accessible by road.

The island is surrounded by sandy white beaches that are lapped by incredibly blue seas. In certain parts the volcanic rock cliffs reach the waters, isolating strips of beach entirely. Inland the lush tropical vegetation of the island with streams and waterfalls still cover most of the island. It is small wonder that the island is called Garden Island.

The island is divided into five regions, much like flower with five petals and each area has its own specialties. They are called Lihue Kalapaki, Coconut Coast, North Shore West Shore and South Shore. The early settlers to Kauai came from other South Pacific Islands like Marquesas, Tahiti and Samoa.

The island underwent some development with the arrival of White settlers and missionaries. The simple lives of the islanders changed when sugar plantations were set up and coffee was grown commercially. Today there has been much progress with the development but many parts of Kauai have remained as ethnic and pristine as they were a century ago. This unspoiled island has a relaxed laidback atmosphere, perfect for a vacation.

Tourism has grown in the island and visitors find plenty to see do and experience in Kauai. The island has something for anyone who is interested in nature, ancient culture, geology, wildlife or sport. The La Napoli coast which can be reached only by air or sea because of the 3000 feet high cliffs that surround it is incomparable.

Kauai offers opportunities for hiking, biking, bird watching and golf on land. The rivers and the sea are perfect for kayaking, fishing, shore diving, whale watching, scuba diving and windsurfing.


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