Llama Trekking in Peru

South America - Editor - 20 November 2008

Llama Trekking in Peru

It is known that the gentle Llama was used by the ancient Inca as pack animals, and today these socials beasts are still seen on the Andes Mountains and in various settlements through South America, being kept in large herds as fiber producers and pack animals. They are extremely intelligent animals and can be taught to execute certain tasks by repeating the action and command a few times. The Llama has played a vital role in the history of Peru and remains a treasured animal to locals. There is no better way to explore Peru and the paths traveled by the Inca, than with the animals that accompanied them.

When visiting Peru, tourists are recommended to try Llama trekking, as it is a unique and magical experience. With a Llama at their side, trekking enthusiasts will be able to walk in the paths and past the scenery once enjoyed by the Inca, and discover the picturesque villages and settlements that are far removed from modernization and the influences of the larger cities. Although all the Llama trekking routes are mapped out through the Huascaran National Park and the Cordilla Blanca, tours might start in different villages, depending on the tour operator.

The tour usually takes a few days to complete and some tours begin in the village of Olleros. Olleros is located approximately thirty kilometers from Huaraz and it is here where the Llamas are loaded with the gear for the trek. While trekking through the breathtaking natural wonders on the trail, trekkers will be able to see magnificent views of mountains such as Tuctupunta and Mount Shaqasha. The Shankilay and the eighty meter Waruro waterfalls are awe-inspiring sights, as is the fauna and flora, ice capped peaks and the Colca canyon. Wonderful wildlife can also be seen along the way, with birds filling the air with song and the rare opportunity to see one of the biggest birds on the planet, the Andean Condor.

Llama trekking is one of the most rewarding experiences, enabling visitors to Peru to walk through history, discover forgotten villages and get to know the animals that assisted the Inca and people of the Andes Mountains today. It is an unforgettable journey into the most beautiful parts of Peru.


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