Macroplaza in Monterrey

Central America - Editor - 11 August 2010

Macroplaza in Monterrey

In the diverse country of Mexico, visitors will be able to find historical wonder and noteworthy attractions in almost all of its fascinating cities and towns, and in a city such as Monterrey beautiful monuments to the heritage of Mexico can be found. Monterrey is referred to as the Sultan of the North, and amongst its bustling industries and local businesses, tourism has developed into a primary industry, with thousands of visitors travelling to the city to enjoy its wonderful sites and attractions, such as the legendary Macroplaza.

The Macroplaza, also known as the Gran Plaza, had its beginnings during the Alfonso Martinez Dominguez governorship in the 1980s. Dominguez had ordered the destruction of numerous buildings to accommodate the planned plaza, which included the demolition of homes and movie theatres alike. This enabled a massive square to be created that covers an area of forty hectares, and features a variety of gardens, monuments, sites and different plazas to enjoy. The Macroplaza was opened to the public in the year 1984, and is still enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Of the various monuments in the Gran Plaza, the Lighthouse of Commerce is the most popular attraction. The Lighthouse of Commerce stands at a height of seventy meters and lights up the city at night with a display of green laser light. Other noteworthy features to visit include the tranquil Fuente de Neptuno fountain, the Explanada de los Heroes, the picturesque Parque Hundido, the Roman Catholic Capilla del los Dulces Nombres chapel, Palacio de Gobierno, Teatro de la Cuidad, Monterrey City Hall and the Plaza Zaragoza. Visitors will also be able to marvel at a variety of statues located throughout the plaza complex, such as the memorial to Diego de Montemayor and the General Zaragoza equestrian statute.

Caf├ęs and food stalls are located in Macroplaza, offering visitors refreshments. Attractions such as the Museum of Mexican History are recommended to visitors, as well as the Cathedral of Monterrey, the Acero Tower, the Latino Tower, Metropolitain Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey. The Macroplaza, and the city of Monterrey, is a wonderful destination that is filled with beauty, fascination and adventure.


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